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Digital Advertising Manager

Fairfax, VA

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Digital Advertising Manager

Fairfax, VA

About the Digital Advertising Manager Position

This role is a highly collaborative position at DD that combines four areas of prowess: digital advertising strategy + audience targeting + ad creation and buildout + continuous optimization and improvement. Digital Advertising Managers (DAM’s) at DD work with our senior consultants, account/content strategists, editorial team, and project/client management teams to manage and implement the best digital advertising programs that align each client’s inbound marketing strategy. This role involves managing paid social media, paid search, and paid display advertising, including ad retargeting campaigns that integrate with key marketing objectives. The best DAM’s are highly adept at creating and adjusting digital campaigns that include dozens of ad groups with multiple ads within a single client account - and being able to do so across multiple client accounts each week. The overall goal of this role is to optimize ad spend, allocation of efforts, and continuously improve ROI in a way that generates quality leads according to the objectives and key results for each client’s strategic marketing plan.


Digital Advertising Strategy

  • Strategize specific digital advertising tactics involving paid social media and/or paid search engine marketing for multiple client accounts according to available budget, goals, and industry research
  • Provide recommendations to clients and internal account team regarding execution of digital ad game plan
  • Research each account’s content assets and personas to ensure digital advertising strategy aligns with inbound marketing efforts
  • Advise senior consultants and account managers on how to adjust tactics for optimum ROI of ad performance, media budget management, and seasonal factors

Digital Ad Creation, Management, and Optimization

  • Develop various types of digital ads for use in social media, search engines (search and display), and other websites and digital advertising media
  • Develop multiple audience profiles within each ad platform according to personas and appropriate journey stages
  • Write and edit digital ad copy, optimized for each ad platform
  • Build out and oversee the development of various types of paid social media promotions, including boosted posts, traffic ads, and lead ads
  • Collaborate with creative team on the production of visual media to be used for digital advertising purposes
  • Manage and oversee all paid social media ads created by DD marketing associates and project managers
  • Train and improve the work of DD team members to create and improve paid social media promotions
  • Ensure digital ads are integrated within each marketing campaign and conform to each client’s brand guidelines
  • Provide final review of all digital ads to ensure quality control, consistency, optimization, and effectiveness

 Data Analysis & Reporting

  • Analyze data and performance metrics of each digital ad campaign using Hubspot and digital ad platforms
  • Collaborate with account management and technical teams to ensure data integration between marketing software tools, platforms, and reporting systems
  • Create clear reports that provide critical insights into the metrics that matter for digital advertising


  • Minimum 4 years of marketing experience managing digital advertising campaigns and developing strategic digital advertising plans
  • Highly proficient in Google Ads and Google Analytics
  • Highly proficient in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads platforms
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Prudent financial sense and resourceful with limited budgets
  • Propensity for technology, creative thinking, and inbound marketing theory
  • Positive attitude and enjoy solving problems
  • Experience working with customers
  • High level understanding of CRM platforms, marketing technology, and data integrations
  • Strong organization skills and attention to detail
  • Desire to grow in learning and professional development


Full-time salaried position

100% company-covered healthcare

Paid maternity/paternity leave

401k plan

Mobile data plan reimbursement


Digital Advertising Strategist, Senior Digital Advertising Strategist, Inbound Marketing Consultant


Email resume, cover letter, writing samples and character references to Tony Fraga, CEO, at tony@directdevelopment.com.


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