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Digital Advertising Specialist

Fairfax, VA

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Digital Advertising Specialist

Fairfax, VA

About Direct Development

At DD, we’re a marketing technology agency unlike many others in the DC area. For starters, we serve nonprofits and higher education, and we build long-lasting relationships with our client-partners, to the point where they become like family. Our mission is to “Help Davids beat Goliaths” by developing customized marketing game plans that outperform rather than outspend. We’re known for being highly collaborative, fast-paced, innovative, and creative. We live at the intersection of technology and marketing, with a strong emphasis on data-driven strategies and tactics. We love developing creative, powerful content stories and using the inbound marketing methodology as the engine that drives our initiatives. As a team, we support and challenge each other to challenge conventional thinking in order to create remarkable content for the organizations we serve.

About the Digital Advertising Specialist Position

This role is a highly collaborative position at DD that combines four areas of prowess: digital advertising strategy + audience targeting + ad creation and buildout + continuous optimization and improvement. Digital Advertising Specialists at DD work with our Digital Advertising Manager and senior consultants, project managers, and editorial teams to manage and implement the best digital advertising campaigns that align each client’s inbound marketing strategy. This role involves managing paid social media, paid search, and paid display advertising, including ad retargeting campaigns that integrate with key marketing objectives. The best DAS’s are highly adept at creating and adjusting digital campaigns that include dozens of ad groups with multiple ads within a single client account - and being able to do so across multiple client accounts each week. The overall goal of this role is to optimize ad spend, allocation of efforts, and continuously improve ROI in a way that generates quality leads according to the objectives and key results for each client’s strategic marketing plan.


Digital Advertising Strategy

  • Strategize specific digital advertising tactics involving paid social media and/or paid search engine marketing for multiple client accounts according to the available budget, goals, and industry research
  • Provide recommendations to clients and internal account team regarding execution of digital ad game plan
  • Research each account’s content assets and personas to ensure digital advertising strategy aligns with inbound marketing efforts
  • Advise senior consultants and account managers on how to adjust tactics for optimum ROI of ad performance, media budget management, and seasonal factors

Digital Ad Creation and Optimization

  • Develop various types of digital ads for use in social media, search engines (search and display), and other websites and digital advertising media
  • Develop multiple audience profiles within each ad platform according to personas and appropriate journey stages
  • Write and edit digital ad copy, optimized for each ad platform
  • Build out various types of paid social media promotions, including boosted posts, traffic ads, and lead ads
  • Collaborate with creative team on the production of visual media to be used for digital advertising purposes
  • Ensure digital ads are integrated within each marketing campaign and conform to each client’s brand guidelines
  • Direct support to Digital Advertising Manager in the production of digital ad campaigns

 Data Analysis & Reporting

  • Analyze data and performance metrics of each digital ad campaign using Hubspot and digital ad platforms
  • Collaborate with account management and technical teams to ensure data integration between marketing software tools, platforms, and reporting systems
  • Create clear reports that provide critical insights into the metrics that matter for digital advertising


  • Minimum 2 years of marketing experience managing digital advertising campaigns 
  • Highly proficient in Google Ads and Google Analytics
  • Highly proficient in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads platforms
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Prudent financial sense and resourceful with limited budgets
  • Propensity for technology, creative thinking, and inbound marketing theory
  • Positive attitude and enjoy solving problems
  • Experience working with customers
  • High level understanding of CRM platforms, marketing technology, and data integrations (especially HubSpot)
  • Strong organization skills and attention to detail
  • Desire to grow in learning and professional development


Part-time or full-time position, depending on experience and qualifications


Digital Advertising Manager, Digital Advertising Strategist, Senior Marketing Associate, Inbound Marketing Manager, Inbound Marketing Consultant


Email resume, cover letter, writing samples and character references to Tony Fraga, CEO at tony@directdevelopment.com and Teresa De Brey, Director of Marketing Operations, at teresa@directdevelopment.com


We live by our 6 Core Values

Treat Clients Like Family

We believe that the roots of great success are great relationships, which is why with us, you get a team — not just a vendor. Your challenges become our challenges and we commit to serving you and your team like you’re one of us.

Be Ridiculously Helpful

You know that feeling you get when you shop at a Trader Joe’s, get helped on the side of the road by AAA, or talk to a Zappos customer service representative? These brands propagate a kind of service that is responsive, personal, and easy — and we strive to emulate them (and then some).

Challenge Conventional Thinking

There’s a lot of fluffy advice thrown around in the marketing technology space (not to mention all the jargon)! Our team researches, tests, and thinks on repeat to bring you marketing strategies that are contextually relevant to your needs — let’s just say we’re healthily skeptical about “industry best practices.”

Treasure Transparency

Authenticity has become such a buzzword these days, but we do pride ourselves in being honest and forthcoming in our pricing, in our strategic recommendations, in our services, and in our projected outcomes. Most of our team members are human (all except Calvin), which means that every once and a while we make mistakes. When we do, we let you know immediately and collaborate on how to best reconcile the situation.

Adapt and Improve

Just when you think you’ve figured out how to increase organic leads from SEO or generate more prospects through Social Ads, Google and Facebook pull a fast one on you and change their algorithms — how rude. At DD, our clients trust us to adapt and improve our strategic game plans, our products, and our services to maximize their investment as the digital landscape morphs.

Make it Fridge-Worthy

Excellence is what we strive for in everything that we create — whether it be a blog posts, a website, an eBook, or a chatbot. Our goal is to execute well-thought-out strategies that produce exceptional pieces of content which generate remarkable results.


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Please email your resume and all relevant materials to Tony Fraga. We are glad that you are interested in working with us and we look forward to seeing what you have to offer. Cheers!

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