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Facebook isn’t dead, it’s thriving

Posted on 5/8/17 7:24 AM



When Facebook and Instagram start using your ideas, you’re doing something right. Snapchat has seen exactly that over the past few months, but you can’t blame others for wanting some of what they have. There are currently 158 million active monthly users, who are creating 2.5 billion Snaps per day. That’s an incredibly large and active audience that can’t afford to be ignored. So, how do you leverage them?

Why this matters...

Just about everyone is showcasing their organization on Facebook and Instagram, but you want to stand out don’t you? Snapchat can be the place to do it; and no, it’s not just millennials using the app. Putting together a few Snaps that tell a short story, whether it be during an event or just about your mission, can be an effective way to lure potential supporters in and get them feeling connected.  



For those of you who just jump right in when creating content, you’re missing huge opportunities to grow. However, you wouldn’t be alone; only 39% of companies have a documented content strategy. You should be coming up with a content plan, ideas for the piece, writing it, editing it, optimizing it, loving it, caring for it, etc. After all that is said and done, you better be distributing it on ALL of your social channels.

Why this matters...

If you’re in charge of your organization’s content, this is the piece for you!  Your content is vital to your nonprofit’s success. Potential donors respond to engaging and thought-provoking content, but if it’s misleading or not informational than you may have lost their interest for good. Create content they’ll care about and make it visually appealing!



You’ve probably heard someone say this before, or a lot of people… but it has no merit. In the first quarter of 2017, Facebook’s revenue grew by 49% and about 42% of internet users have a Facebook profile. So, why are we telling you this? You’ve created an awesome piece of content, and now you need to promote it. Facebook is just the place! With such a large potential audience to target, your content can be seen by thousands.

Why this matters...

One of the most cost-effective ways to reach potential constituents is through social media ads. And with Facebook being the largest, and most versatile, it’s the obvious place to start. Targeting can be a bit tricky if you’re new to Facebook ads, but here are all the best ways to reach people who are most likely to engage with your content.

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