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Posted on 11/6/17 2:35 PM



So, how’d we do it? As long as you don’t get too creepy, personalization can be a great driving factor. It’s not the easiest marketing strategy to implement and, as eMarketer highlights, many marketers fear they don’t have the resources to make personalization happen. If you feel this way you’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean you can sit back and wait for it to become easier.

Why this matters...

74% of consumers feel frustrated when website content is not personalize. As an nonprofit organization you aren’t dealing with your everyday consumer, these potential donors are making a financial decision that doesn’t provide them with a product. Since the “product” you're selling is really the fuzzy feeling they’ll get upon helping others, it’s even more important that your content — everything from your website, to your emails, to your social posts — be personalized. Here are three quick (free) ideas for how you can better personalize your communications with constituents, inquiries, and donors:

  1. Use personalization tokens throughout your emails...not just <First Name>, but <Location>, and <Past Gifts> as well.
  2. Use user-behavior and premium content to find out where in the donor development journey the reside. Create premium content resources around compelling stories and invite potential constituents to select the piece of content that is most relevant to them. Track what they click and then enroll them in a personalized communications flow that encourages them to learn more about your organization and mission, and then ultimately donate.
  3. If you’re using a marketing automation platform — our clients are huge fans of HubSpot — use smart content to show different blog posts to different website visitors based on what you know they’re interested in.



For starters, your email marketing doesn’t have to be performing poorly in order to need improvements – it can always be better. Here are 13 Things to Start, Stop & Keep Doing With Your Email Marketing in 2018. Your open and click rates are not at 100% so there is definitely something to be learned by reading this blog post from HubSpot.

Why this matters...

If you are at the “poor” end of the spectrum as far as email marketing success goes, it’s also lowering your domain score. This means that you appear lower in search rankings, which for nonprofits can be detrimental. A tactic many organizations are afraid of is a suppression list, or group of contacts that have no engagement, and not sending them emails. “The more the better” does NOT apply to email marketing.



Being on social media doesn’t make you stand out, it’s a necessity in this day and age, but these 3 Social Media Tools to Spice Up Your Online Presence will help a bit. The purpose of these three tools is to add interesting effects to your visuals that help them stand out in the saturated news feeds of today.

Why this matters...

Simply existing in the social space has become the bare minimum and can’t be considered progress any longer. Putting out content is great, but unless that content is attracting people it really isn’t providing your organization with any value. The tools above are just examples of ways to differentiate yourself – try a bunch of things and make sure to track what works and what doesn’t to maximize your social post efficiency.


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