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Just because your content published doesn’t mean you’re done

Posted on 7/26/17 9:29 AM



Why put in all the hard work of crafting the piece and making it as well-written and informational as possible if you aren’t going to promote it? Here are 25 tactics to ensure people actually see your content. All of these tips aren’t right for every piece of content you’ll create, but using as many as possible (while still remaining efficient) can pay dividends in a big way. And not to burst any bubbles, but you’ll have to spend some money to really make a difference.

Why this matters...

If you don’t promote a blog post or piece of premium content then you’re relying entirely on organic search to drive traffic, and that might be the worst marketing plan of all-time. Premium content pieces take a lot of time to research, write, and design — be sure to maximize the potential of these pieces by boosting them to appropriate persona-specific audiences.



Making sure your video length is optimized is key to getting views that last longer than 3 seconds. It varies based on the platform, but for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the short answer is keep everything under a minute. Often times before even viewing a video a user will check the length of the video and if it seems too long they’ll skip it entirely.

Why this matters...

Mobile video is here in a big way, and it’s not going anywhere. More and more content is video, but just producing video and putting it out there isn’t enough. It must be engaging, understood with or without sound, and time optimized. No one is going to watch a 5 minute video when the next one creeping into their news feed is only 30 seconds.



Nonprofit Marketing Zone recently published an article with 15 tips and tricks on Instagram that you don’t want to miss. Instagram’s monthly active user base has surpassed 700 million, making it twice as large as Twitter. Utilizing this platform should be a key part of your social media marketing and knowing the “ins and outs” can make it much easier.

Why this matters...

Nonprofit Instagram accounts are really feeling the love on Instagram, even more so than Facebook or Twitter. Using this platform to highlight a specific person, event, or piece of content is a great way to engage the younger portion of your audience and convert them into constituents and/or donors. If you haven’t begun using Instagram for your organization yet, check out this article before you get started.

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