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The 🔑 to nonprofit marketing is…

Posted on 11/22/17 12:47 PM



Engage consumers with writing that fits the device they’re on (hint: it’s mobile, now more than ever). When users are on their phone they don’t want to read paragraph after paragraph of plain text. Write short and simple sentences, space out your main points with section headings to break up the text, and use language they understand and can relate to. Oh, and did we mention the importance of photos and videos?

Why this matters...

Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? Head over to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and find out. Your audience is on their phone all the time, so stop focusing solely on what your site looks like from a desktop perspective because odds are it’ll also be viewed on mobile.



Here’s a crash course on social media marketing for beginners. Don’t think you’re a beginner? Maybe you should give this a look and know for sure. The real secret to social media success is to never stop learning because change happens on a daily basis in this space. Get to reading, experimenting, and tracking and let us know if you want to share any successes!

Why this matters...

Like we said, social media is changing at a rapid rate, so staying on top of the latest trends can make a huge difference in your donor acquisition and retention efforts. If you know us well you know our CEO, Tony Fraga, is always talking about the Advocate Journey and the importance of having content for each stage of the funnel, so here’s how to use social media at every stage, brought to you by HubSpot and Bitly.



How does any single organization break through and convince donors their cause is worth attention? Turn your stories and successes into videos that drive people to continue exploring your website, or donate shortly after. This article goes over how video marketing is expected to account for 80 percent of all Internet traffic in the next two years. The key is to use it wisely—to foster personal connections to your mission through storytelling.

Why this matters...

Stay up-to-date with trends and you will win over new donors. It’s no longer just the older generations that are giving – millennials are giving too!

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