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How DD Agency Earned a 100% Renewal Rate in 2021

Shane Kehl

A Tribute to the Team

At DD, we’re one unified team that’s made up of several specialized teams that are made up of 26 (and counting) talented, passionate individuals. And as we wrapped 2021, this team of ours celebrated something for the first time in DD history: a 100% retainer renewal rate. 

From a business capacity, that means every single one of our retainer relationships signed on again for at least one more term. This is epic. Most companies obsess over revenue, profit, retention, and every other metric under the sun, but a variable that often gets overlooked is trust. Trust carries no price tag, and yet its value is astronomical. We have built trust with our clients. We have built trust with each other.

Roll call!

The credit for nailing the perfect renewal score belongs to each and every one of our team members. Because it’s more than what it takes; it’s about who it takes.

In alphabetical order by first name, sincere appreciation and awe for:

Amanda Spurgeon

Headshot Callouts – AmandaFrom day one you hit the ground running and have yet to slow down. Your SEO expertise and versatility have made you one awesome Content Strategist and I think we’ve still only scratched the surface of your never-ending skills. 

Brittany Tretbar

Headshot Callouts – Brittany

In the complex world of digital advertising, it’s so valuable to have someone that can articulate strategies and best practices in a concise manner, and thanks to you, the team has greatly improved their digital ad knowledge and they’re getting more insight than they ever have before. 

Christina Bennett

Headshot Callouts – ChristinaTalk about Client Happiness… You’ve exemplified what it means to make clients feel heard and appreciated. Your organizational and people skills are exceptional, which is why so many of your clients have been with us for several years. A true testament to trust and relationship building. 

Daniel Bonner

Headshot Callouts – DanielThe one-man show himself! You have been absolutely incredible in leading our team deeper into video and paving the way for what great video content looks like – along with the 25 other things you do for this team. Your flexibility this year is unmatched and very much appreciated – back on the road soon! 

Jacob Olle

Headshot Callouts - JacobYour incredibly rare combination of strategic thinking and insane attention to detail has made you an absolutely unstoppable force on the Client Success Team that has rippled throughout the company. Talk about an Olle-oop of a hire! (I’ll leave the puns to you moving forward.) 

Jared Moats

Headshot Callouts – JaredMr. HubSpot Champion! I don’t know whether to compliment your technical skills, your people skills, your marketing brain, or your willingness to serve the team in a variety of areas. Instead, I will just extend a massive thank you for every hat you’ve worn this year and always doing so with the most positive attitude I’ve ever seen. 

Johanna deBrey

Headshot Callouts – JohannaFrom starting as a part-time worker while in college to being an all-star CSM, you have truly embodied all of DD’s Core Values along your journey and left a lasting impression. As you get ready for your next chapter, just know you’ll be greatly missed by your colleagues and clients alike! 

Julia Fabian

Headshot Callouts – JuliaIt somehow still feels like yesterday we were in the old office and figuring out the landscape that was DD. I’ve always appreciated your candor, care, and attention, as those traits can’t be found on a resume or a LinkedIn profile – some people just have it, and you’re definitely one of them. 

Lauren Bobeck

Headshot Callouts – LaurenAfter 4 months, I’m curious if it feels like you’ve been here a year? You stepped in during a huge time of need and handled everything we threw at you with such grace and skill. I’m super excited to see what you’ll accomplish even in the next 4 months, let alone a full year! 

Maddy Ledon

Headshot Callouts – MaddyAn A+ Content Team member turned Client Success… is there anything you can’t do? On top of crushing it on either team, you’ve been a fantastic leader within the company and have helped set the standard for Fridge-Worthy work. 

Matt Fall

Headshot Callouts - MatthewI’ve spoken with Merriam-Webster and they’re going to be changing the popular expression to “The Matt of Fall Trades” after they reviewed everything you’ve done this year for us. I’m sure I’m not alone in extending a massive thank you for all your help and support, particularly with the things that are not under your official area of responsibility! 

Mel Trice

Headshot Callouts - MelServant leadership. That’s what comes to mind when I think about your work this year. You’ve done an incredible job providing balance and structure to our Content Team that has stemmed into each area of our agency. Your work and leadership has had a positive impact on every team and our clients have definitely felt and appreciated it. 

Robert Gonzalez

Headshot Callouts – RobertFrom being hired to create HubSpot landing pages to building top-of-the-line integrations, you continue to add more and more value to our team. I don’t think there are many people who can say they’ve grown their skills so significantly within a relatively short period of time quite like you have – incredibly impressive. 

Sam Lee

Headshot Callouts – SamHow many graphic designers does it take to change a light bulb? “Does it have to be a light bulb? ‘Cause I had this other idea…” I stole this joke, which is obvious based on the previous ones in this post, but I think it embodies your work to push DD forward and into new territory, even when it’s not asked of you. Your ability to Challenge Conventional Thinking has had a huge impact on DD and we’re excited for you to make an impact in your next chapter! 

Shannon Nicholson

Headshot Callouts – ShannonAfter working with you on the client side of things, I knew you were someone we wanted on our team. Your attention to detail and insane knowledge of the higher ed space has made you a fantastic Client Success Manager and I’m excited to see all the great things you’ll accomplish at Purdue. 

Susannah Black

Headshot Callouts - SusannahI wish you knew how long this post took me so you could laugh at me and let me know you could have written 5 blog posts and 3 eBooks in the same amount of time – and that says more about your speed than my leisurely pace. Your ability to crank out high-quality content and also lead clients in your “spare time” has helped our team grow and your clients thrive; a round of thank you's is very much deserved! 

Tatiana Quiroga

Headshot Callouts – TatianaWhere do I even start… perhaps with applauding your unparalleled attention to detail and commitment to high standards? Your ability to lead clients and also play content strategist? Your overall growth as a professional and apparently comedian? There are so many things to thank you for, but for always being honest and transparent is easily at the top of the list, as it makes working with you easier, more enjoyable, and fruitful. 

Tim Wirzburger

Headshot Callouts – TimTeam Player Timmy! Having worked with you on a variety of projects, your ability to think as both a Content Strategist and general marketer has been amazing. Your versatility makes for awesome collaboration calls and leads to even better outcomes for the clients you support. Break a leg in 2022! (Sorry, had to.) 

What can/will this team do next? 

Again, thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication this past year and continuing to live out DD’s core values. Our company and clients would not be in the place they are today without you and your talents. Each one of you has gone outside your wheelhouse to support others and get things done, even when it wasn’t convenient for you. That’s what being a team is all about, and I wouldn’t trade this team for anything. 

Here’s to crushing it in 2022 and beyond!

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