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A Case Study: Raising Program Awareness Through Video

Shane Kehl

We have been working with the University of San Diego's Kroc School of Peace and Justice for a few years now and after creating numerous written content resources decided that a video detailing their Interdisciplinary Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Arts in Peace and Justice (MAPJ) Dual Degree Program was the next step.

The goal was to generate more awareness about this program and then use the existing content resources to further nurture prospective students through the funnel. 

The Challenge

The Kroc School's JD/MAPJ Dual Degree Program is the only one of its kind in the country, combining graduate studies in peacebuilding and human rights advocacy with legal training. Despite the program's uniqueness, awareness was limited, and the school needed a way to reach potential students and convey the essence of this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

The Solution

Our team embarked on a creative journey to craft a video that would resonate with the target audience and shed more light on the intricacies of the program. The process was broken down into three main phases:

1. Pre-production and Planning

We spent time understanding the core values of the program and the Kroc School's mission. Collaborating closely with the marketing and admissions team, we developed a storyboard that would highlight the program's uniqueness and its impact on society.

Kroc Video Shoot2. Production

Over two intense days of filming on the beautiful campus of the University of San Diego, we captured interviews with faculty and students who shared more about their experience with this program and how they hoped to use their learnings. We also filmed classroom interactions, study sessions, and other aspects of campus life to provide a comprehensive view of the program.

3. Post-production

Three weeks of meticulous editing followed, during which we shaped the raw footage into a cohesive and engaging story. We also created corresponding social media teasers to ensure a consistent message across all platforms.

These teasers became great drivers of traffic by leveraging not only on their social media channels but also through digital advertising efforts leading to a landing page with the core video and more information about the program. 

The Result

The featured video, along with the social media teasers, went live and quickly began to gain traction. Within a short period, the video generated over 72,000 views on YouTube, a staggering number that is about 10 times higher than their other most-viewed video! More importantly, the video led to 20 inquiries for the JD/MAPJ Dual Degree Program that same term, demonstrating a tangible interest in the program and the University of San Diego as a whole. 


This project showcases the transformative power of well-crafted visual content. By understanding the unique value propositions of the JD/MAPJ Dual Degree Program and translating them into a compelling video, we were able to reach a broad audience and generate real interest in the program.

The success of this video is a testament to the importance of collaboration, creativity, and a deep understanding of a particular program to make the video great. It's a proud addition to our portfolio and a shining example of how strategic video content can drive awareness and engagement for institutions.

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