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[On-Demand Webinar] How to Adapt & Improve Your Email Strategy

Natalie Gleason

As a digital marketing agency, we’re always on the hunt for ways to adapt and improve. We’ve known for a while now that “email opens” are decreasing in value as an email engagement metric, and with Apple’s recent product release, it’s now critical for marketers everywhere to fast-track the “death of the open rate” and adjust their overarching strategies.

In this Zoom webinar, we explain how the recent Apple iOS 15 privacy updates affect higher ed enrollment marketing strategies, and provide actionable recommendations to ensure you’re adapting and improving for the future, such as:



Why open rates are diminishing in value to marketers and other metrics are rising


How to take an honest look at your email communication flows in order to make necessary changes


What other tips and tactics can help you build a successful email strategy

Co-hosted by Jamie Gleason, a 15-year veteran of the higher education industry, and Tony Fraga, CEO of DD Agency, we share our insights on why the Apple iOS 15 privacy updates are a good thing for higher ed marketers and how you can start leveraging the right metrics to make your email strategy more effective.



This webinar is divided into ~30 minutes of show + tell from Tony and Jamie, followed by ~30 minutes of live Q&A. 



Watch now and then download the slide deck and share takeaways with your colleagues👇

Need more information about how the iOS updates will affect your email marketing?

Check out Why Should Higher Ed Marketers Be Thankful for iOS 15 Privacy Updates?, an article that lays out all the potential implications of these updates and guides you on incorporating new best practices into your student recruitment and email marketing strategies.


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