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Topic: education software and technology

HubSpot vs. Slate: Higher Education CRM Comparison

HubSpot and Slate are two heavy hitters in higher...

Matthew Fall

How to Choose the Best CRM for Higher Education

For most higher ed institutions, managing student...

Kirby Wilson

HubSpot for Higher Education

In the fast-paced world of higher ed, staying...

Matthew Fall

Enrollment Marketing Platform Comparison: Slate vs HubSpot

Ever felt like you’ve only just scratched the...

Matthew Fall

HubSpot for Education: Marketing & Admissions at K-12 Schools

It’s no secret that HubSpot boasts one of the...

Teresa de Brey

HubSpot vs Google Analytics: A Look Inside Two Top Analytics Platforms

A significant portion of the prospective student...

Matthew Fall

The Enrollment Marketer’s Tech Toolkit: The Best Supplemental Tools for Digital Marketing

I’m not here to tell you that you need a CMS,...

Matthew Fall

How to Integrate HubSpot with Your Institution’s CRM without Spending a Penny

Software exhaustion — it’s a very real thing....

Teresa de Brey

3 of the Top Marketing Challenges That Higher Ed Marketers Face Today (And Their Solutions)

I think the most challenging pressure for higher...

Zach Busekrus

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