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Topic: graduate enrollment management

Why Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change is a Big Deal for Enrollment Marketers

Last Tuesday, people around the globe cheered...

Zach Busekrus

Why Curated Newsletters Can Help Your Graduate Enrollment Marketing

Remember that part in Miracle on 34th Street...

Laura Loker

Why You Don’t (Just) Need a Prettier Grad School Website

When I was younger, I shopped exclusively at...

Laura Loker

How to Set Realistic Expectations for Direct Marketing Campaigns

So many institutions use direct marketing...

Tony Fraga

Why You Need Landing Pages to Get More Out of Your Digital Ads

What if a friend asked you to meet her for...

Laura Loker

Reaching Prospective Graduate Students on LinkedIn


“We know that for brands, building...

Abigail Justen

Higher Ed Needs Micro-Content for Student Recruitment — Here's Why


Dr. Seuss once said, “The writer who breeds...

Zach Busekrus

Using Twitter for Grad School Recruitment


Graduate enrollment managers: your...

Laura Loker

Why Facebook Promotions Are Becoming Necessary for Higher Ed

Today, a brand’s or institution’s Facebook...

Abigail Justen

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