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205 billion… Here’s how to stand out

Posted on Apr 9, 2018

NO CREATIVITY, NO PROBLEM: Subject lines can be tricky – you want to be informative, but also eye-catching and witty. Maybe you aren’t the most creative person in the world, or you’ve been doing this for years on end, but that’s alright! HubSpot posted an article recently that gives you multiple resources to improve your email subject lines, or even test previous ones. Use these tools to guide your email subject lines, but remember, it should not be the end-all-be-all of your strategy.

Why you should care: It’s estimated that 205 billion emails are sent every day – so what are you doing to stand out? In a time when so many emails are being delivered to an individual’s inbox, the subject line is often the reason a prospective student decides to open or ignore your email. Creativity is the key to getting them to open your email, which already puts you ahead of most. Mix it up, track the results, and keep testing!

WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN COMMON WITH THE BEST OF THE BEST? It’s no secret that people still read articles online, even with the surge that video has seen, but what are they reading about? Here are the high performing topics and posts from 2017 on LinkedIn, which look a lot like 2016 as well.

Why you should care: The topics people want to read more about often times relate to a large audience, for example, The best answer I’ve ever heard to “sell me this pen”. Why? Because everyone has heard that line “sell me this pen” and no one knows how to answer it well in a way that also makes them stand out from everyone else. Your content should do the same. Create occasional blog posts around topics that a variety of people can relate to, program-specific or not, the choice is really yours. Here’s an example for you: Here’s How 30 Minutes Could Save You $1,000 on Graduate School Tuition. Every applicant wants to save money and every applicant is tired of spending hours and hours writing essays, so give them something NEW.

BILLBOARDS, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND CHATBOTS: At one point in time these all dominated the way universities marketed to potential applicants, but chatbots’ point in time is actually on the horizon. Unlike billboards, emails, or social media, chatbots require high technical skill alongside a killer content strategy. Here’s how to make chatbots and text messaging work for your university.

Why you should care: You might be thinking, why do I need a chatbot, is it really worth it? The short answer, yes. While chatbots are essential to your student recruitment strategy today, they will be very very soon and it’s important to be ready, rather than playing catch-up. They take time, thought, creativity, and content, so start sooner rather than later! If you happen to on HubSpot we have good news: HubSpot will soon have their chatbot tool up and running via their recent partnership with motion.ai – check it out!

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