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Britney Spears? No, it’s just us! (04/10/17)

Posted on Apr 10, 2017

YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT ON MY PHONE!?: Before the latest LinkedIn update users would have to fill out entire forms on their phone to download content, so no one did. Now, LinkedIn has created lead-gen ads, instead of lead-gen forms, for mobile users to make the process much smoother. This means that when a form does come up, after a user clicks an ad, it will auto-populate with the information from their LinkedIn page - so ideally they just have to click submit.

Why you should care: This new feature makes it easier for users to convert on ads, so it should help your conversion rate with potential applicants significantly. When tracking and recording the data at the end of a campaign you should see much higher conversion rates, even more so than other industries,because your primary target audience is millennials and gen-xers.

THE AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN YOU’RE READING THE MINUTE, AND YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE DD TEAM IS TALKING ABOUT: If the previous section made no sense to you, then maybe you’re not exactly sure what conversion rate optimization is and why it’s important. Lucky for you, we’re about to cover it! So, what is conversion rate optimization? In condensed terms, it’s making sure your website is leading people to click links, explore further, and ultimately become a customer. Just getting a bunch of people to your website isn’t the best way to increase your conversion rate; it will actually hurt it since those visitors may have no interest in your content or offer. You want to drive quality users to your website who are more likely to convert on a landing page, so be sure to accurately reflect this page with your title and description that will be seen on Google.

Why you should care: Having a good sample size and determining your conversion rate can be immensely successful for recruiting the right students at the right time. Here’s an example: If you want 20 RSVPs to an upcoming information session  and your average conversion rate is 2%, then you will need to attract 10,000 website visitors to your page.

OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN: No, not Britney Spears - the budding video advertising industry! Yes. another post about video, it’s that important. Video advertising is still evolving, being that it’s relatively new, and is a long ways away from being perfect. Many viewers are often left frustrated because they’re seeing video ads that don’t apply to them; this happens because marketers are using broad targeting parameters, rather than trying to hone in on a specific audience. One of the main reasons users say they had a poor video advertising experience is due to a lack of creativity (46%). This proves that advertising video just because it’s popular doesn’t mean that people are going to interact with it.

Why you should care: Creating video advertisements can be a slippery slope, especially this early in its development. If you can’t create an interesting and compelling video ad, then you shouldn’t create one to begin with. Millennials and gen-xers watch about three hours of mobile video a day, so a poorly put together video is easy to spot and will deter them from your university, rather than luring them in to consume more content. If you decide to create a video advertisement, be sure to target the right audience and ensure it’s engaging.

Topics: Conversion Rate Optimization, Video Advertising, Lead Generation

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