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Facebook ads — sweeter than those Peeps you ate yesterday. (04/17/17)

Posted on Apr 17, 2017

SWEEEET FACEBOOK ADS (DA, DA DA) — THE GOOD TIMES NEVER SEEMED SO GOOD: Thanks Neil Diamond, but we’ll take it from here. At this point you’ve realized that Facebook ads are a great way to attract visitors to your site, but are you getting the best conversion candidates possible? Let’s take a look at a couple of the six sweetest Facebook ad features right now. One of the best ways to bring high quality users to your site is by creating a lookalike audience, which essentially tells Facebook to show your ad to people who have similar demographics and interests as people who have already converted on your site. Also, you can create an audience of people to target who have spent a set amount of time on your website.

Why you should care: Facebook ads are an incredibly effective lead gen tool. The amount of customization and creativity that can go into an ad allows you to reach a large but also a very specific audience. Using all of the features Facebook has to offer will allow you to reach potential applicants who are more likely to consider your university. Even the simple manipulation of the age range, their location, or their education level can make all the difference.

I USED THOSE TIPS ABOVE, NOW WHAT THE HECK DO I DO?: I did all that fancy targeting work so I’m done, right? No. However, Facebook has made the tracking of ads a little easier and more insightful. Some of the major updates include letting advertisers know when certain audiences overlap, causing a decrease in the performance of the ad. Estimated Daily Results is another recent addition, which allows marketers to see a more accurate representation of how their ad will perform given the budget, bidding amounts, and placement.

Why you should care: When creating any type of advertisement, the tracking is just as important as the ad itself. Tracking doesn’t necessarily start after the ad expires — ideally you’ll want to track before your ad even launches by recording the predicted metrics. As mentioned above, the Estimated Daily Reach tool will give you a good feel for how your ad will perform. Logging these performance predictions and then comparing them to your actual results will give you a better sense of how accurate they are, allowing you to base future ads more heavily on the prediction tool to maximize clicks, views, or conversions.

LINKEDIN JUMPS ONBOARD WITH INBOUND MARKETING: LinkedIn recently posted about the success businesses are seeing between implementing inbound marketing and HubSpot, a marketing automation platform, to manage content and trigger lead-nurturing workflows. “You can start using ads today - combined with inbound marketing - to start driving more leads and revenue every month.” HireVue recently started using inbound marketing via HubSpot, and LinkedIn calls them a company ahead of their time.

Why you should care: Inbound marketing is becoming increasingly popular in just about every industry. If you’re already using inbound marketing as a part of your student recruitment plan there are certainly still ways to improve and continue to grow. HubSpot allows higher ed marketers to interact with prospective students at every stage of the Applicant Journey. If you haven’t considered utilizing HubSpot yet, give us a call!

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