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Finding potential applicants on social can be like playing Where’s Waldo

Posted on Oct 16, 2017

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: Facebook and Instagram seem to be ruling the social world – and they are – but not when it comes to Gen Z. Snapchat is twice as popular as Instagram when it comes to teens’ favorite social apps. An impressive 47% of teens said they prefer Snapchat, which is up 35% from the previous year. Instagram was picked by 24% and Facebook was shockingly low, at 9%.

Why you should care: Every generation consumes content differently, so you need to adapt because Gen Z is here and they are very different. Facebook and Instagram are social powerhouses with millennials, but Gen Z loves Snapchat. Snapchat created an ads platform several weeks ago, so start experimenting now that way when the times comes you are ready!

FORM A CONNECTION THAT’S STRONGER THAN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH COFFEE: HubSpot created a list of 8 examples of empathetic content marketing in action. The purpose of this content, as all content should be, is to connect with the reader and address their pain points. If you can do that in a genuine manner you have earned the reader's’ trust and most likely “see” them again.

Why you should care: Empathy is incredibly powerful when used correctly. It cannot be forced and cannot be created out of thin air, it must come from the core values of your university. Creating a connection between a potential applicant and your university can be the difference when that student is making their final decision.

FINDING APPLICANTS ON SOCIAL SHOULDN’T BE LIKE PLAYING WHERE’S WALDO: It may feel that way at times, but it shouldn’t. Okay, good luck, bye!

Just kidding, we’re still here, and we have a resource to help you. SproutSocial created a guide that goes over 5 effective ways to sell your school on social. This is a guide exclusively for higher education marketing and admissions professionals. Hey, that’s you!

Why you should care: Many universities are a little timid when it comes to social media because it’s such a large space and is always changing. Take a look at these demographics, also brought to you by SproutSocial, and you’ll see just how badly you need to be active on social. Follow the guide above and track the results and then compare them to your prior efforts. Every school is different, so do what works for your enrollment marketing team and your university as a whole.   

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