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If you aren’t using this platform then you’re falling behind!

Posted on Jun 11, 2018

THE BEST CTA? HERE’S THE WAY: Calls-to-action are designed to generate clicks, but simply having one isn’t enough. This post by Atomic Reach details how you can make your CTAs more effective! These are easy and practical suggestions that you can do at any time without the need for a designer or experienced technologist. What are you waiting for? Got get more clicks!

Why you should care: More clicks is always great, but the value and power of CTAs goes far beyond just this metric. Besides tracking data and providing different styles, CTAs help organically guide your prospective students on what they should do next (come to an event, inquire, start an application, etc.). The CTA is the perfect way to do this in a subtle and stylistic way that isn’t intrusive or too intimidating. Start A/B testing your CTAs today to see which styles and text work best!

FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK, IS NOT THE WAY: Often times people assume since Facebook has such a massive audience that it’s always the best place to find new contacts – well, that’s just not true. LinkedIn has become a great tool for Higher Ed marketing, but often isn’t thought of as a student recruitment tool due to the myth that only experienced professionals are on the platform. Check out this article and you will most likely think very differently after.

Why you should care: LinkedIn is a growing social platform that has an easily targetable audience. Their education and experience is all listed in one place and kept up-to-date since they know employers may be checking them out. While it is a social platform – like Facebook – it’s also geared for professional advancement and learning aka a great place for student recruitment.

WHAT THE HECKS IS UX: User Experience. You’ve probably heard the term, but what does it mean and more importantly, what does it take to be good at? Here are 12 Tried-and-True Ways to Improve User Experience, brought to you by our friends at HubSpot. In the end, however, there isn’t a silver bullet for UX and there is no indication that there ever will be. Why? Because each person is different and all you can do is try and appeal to as many as possible.

Why you should care: If your university’s website isn’t user friendly it’s going to be really difficult to attract prospective students and then keep them coming back. This will hurt your application numbers, but also hurt your SEO. When someone comes to your site and leaves immediately, Google recognizes that and will start to penalize your domain for it – and if it happens enough you’ll see a dramatic decrease in your organic traffic and ultimately your applications and then enrolled students. Pro tip: everything builds!

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