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Wine, Michael Jackson, and Fast Facts – An Edition You Don’t Want to ...

FACEBOOK REACH GOING DOWN QUICKER THAN THAT GLASS OF WINE AFTER WORK ON FRIDAY: We don’t judge – we’re sure you deserved it! However, Facebook doesn’t seem to care too ...

And best higher ed marketing newsletter goes to... 🕒

FACEBOOK SAY, FACEBOOK DO: There has been criticism of Facebook since its inception – from who really created it to the 2016 election – but can you trust them when they ...

You can literally read this in under a minute – and should

THEY GO TOGETHER LIKE SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS: Your email marketing strategy and your Facebook Messenger strategy – you need both.

The 6-second enrollment marketing gamechanger

GOOGLE MOBILE SEARCH WILL LOOK LIKE A SOCIAL PLATFORM: Don’t believe us? Google it ;)! It’s a holiday, you’re not in the mood to do unnecessary work – we get it – so ...

When two enrollment marketers go walking, the data should do the ...

PIPE DOWN, BOB, LET THE DATA DO THE TALKING: So, what is the data saying when it comes to how users are engaging with content, video, and search? Some of this ...

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