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Tweak your enrollment marketing in 2018 or fall behind

Posted on Nov 6, 2017

SDRAWKCAB KROW: Sorry, it’s Monday morning, you may not have caught that – ”work backwards.” When creating content, start with the end in mind. Focus on creating a core piece of ‘premium content’ and then build your social, blog, and email marketing strategy around this resource. Another important decision is whether the content should be free, paid, or gated. Each type should be used for different scenarios and focused on your end goal, while also being tailored to the user.

Why you should care: When dealing with potential applicants you run the risk of annoying and/or scaring them away. If all of your content is gated (meaning they need to submit some personal info to get it) then they’ll likely move on to a more easily accessible resource. On the other hand, if you build trust with a site visitor via quality blog content then they will be much more willing to download a gated piece of premium content because they know the value it most likely holds.

WARNING: THIS IS GOING TO GET REALLY AWKWARD IF THESE SOUND LIKE NEW IDEAS: Here are 8 Digital Marketing Trends Set to Expire by 2018. One of the main ones, which we discussed in last week’s edition of The Minute, is about personalization and how without it you’ll be losing people left and right. Some of these may come as a shock to you, but the online world is changing and you need to adapt to it.

Why you should care: In some verticals it’s not job-threatening to be a bit behind in the online space, but for higher ed institutions you really need to be on top of the game, now more than ever. You’re dealing with the most tech-savvy generation of all-time and it’s only going to continue. They want quick responses, personalization, easy access to answers, the world, and pretty much anything else that could come to mind. If you don’t make it easy for a potential student they’ll find another university who will. Halloween is over so our intention wasn’t to scare you, but if we did... this may help.

WE LIKE SNAPCHAT BECAUSE THEY’RE BATTLING GOLIATHS JUST LIKE YOU ARE: So, what is Snap doing now? For starters, they’re opening up pixel tracking for marketers to measure cross-platform stats. Pixels are also used on Facebook and are fairly simple to implement. Once a pixel is set up, marketers can keep track of campaign stats in real time and analyze data collected within 28 days after someone has viewed or engaged with an ad.

Why you should care: Snapchat as a whole isn’t the most dominant social media platform, but they are when it comes to the demographics you care about. They’re aware of this, and rather than trying to hide from it they’re embracing it and looking to continue dominating this market. Recently, Snapchat has added some college newspapers to its feed and will continue to look for ways to keep the younger users coming back for more.

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