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What your daughter's boyfriend and your blogging strategy have in common? (06/05/17)

Posted on Jun 5, 2017

WHAT YOUR DAUGHTER'S BOYFRIEND AND YOUR BLOGGING STRATEGY HAVE IN COMMON: They're both kind of "meh" and are lacking in areas of vision, style, and consistency, but lucky for you we can help with one of the two: HubSpot’s Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post. One of the main areas of focus should be your headline, which is most often what causes a person to click your blog post or skip it and look at the next one. Most blog headlines should be roughly 60 characters, but to take an even deeper dive it depends where you’ll be remarketing this post. If it’s Twitter: headlines between 8-12 words get the most shares; if it’s Facebook: headlines between 12-14 receive the most shares.  

Why you should care: Blogging is a content strategy that is key to your university’s marketing success. Getting people to click and then read your blog has tremendous value when nurturing potential applicants down the funnel. That being said, it’s getting those clicks that provides the real challenge. Crafting an appealing header is a great way to get those clicks, but don’t let your content not live up to the hype your title should create!

UNLIKE KATHY GRIFFIN’S HATRED OF TRUMP, SOME THINGS CANNOT BE TAKEN TOO FAR: Going above and beyond, in her case, was not the best idea (and clearly CNN agreed). Going above and beyond with your mobile advertising, however, could lead to limitless success. According to Zenith Media, 71% of all internet consumption in 2017 will be done through a mobile device. The mobile market is growing exponentially and getting in while it’s still rising is key, but without mobile optimization it’s going to do more harm than good.

Why you should care: With mobile usage increasing year after year, your university’s site needs to be optimized for mobile. Once that is taken care of you can begin advertising on mobile as well, which is where your audience will most likely be active. Believe it or not, if you’re doing social campaigns then you’re already marketing on mobile because each platform automatically creates a mobile version of your post, but you should still optimize the copy and image.

WERE YOU PAYING ATTENTION LAST WEEK? AND NO, WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT AMERICA’S GOT TALENT’S THE SINGING TRUMPICYMI (In.Case.You.Missed.It. — You’re welcome...we know you’ve been wondering what the heck this acronym means for awhile now)– we talked about the addiction Gen Z has to YouTube. If you have been uploading videos to your university’s channel, here’s how to find the best traffic-generating keywords and increase your search ranking:

  1. Create engaging video to increase watch time
  2. Craft related title, description, tags and annotations
  3. Experiment with these tags and see what performs best
  4. Don’t call it “the” YouTube...but seriously.

Why you should care: As the shift to video continues to grow, getting ahead of the game is much easier than play catch-up. Optimizing your YouTube videos and testing which type of tags drive the most engagement is essential for getting your videos ranked. As your rankings improve, your views will increase, and your average watch time will be longer.

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