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WTFacebook is happening right now!?

Posted on Apr 2, 2018

IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING, YOU’RE NOT FREAKING OUT: The latest Facebook change has put most people in a tizzy, but in reality it really isn’t that bad – if you work in higher ed ;). Many of the changes will dramatically impact how B2B and B2C companies target their potential customers, but targeting to prospective students hasn’t changed all that much. We’re not saying it has no effect on our strategy, but there’s no need to abandon Facebook or think it’s going to be worthless from this point on.

Why you should care: We’re sure you have heard the news about these Facebook changes, but how did you react? It may seem like a dramatic change, but it shouldn’t drastically alter your social strategy.  “Change is the only constant” may be corny saying, but it stuck because it’s inherently true – as cheesy as it is. This is why we always encourage testing multiple audiences and continuously evaluating the data, which at the very least gives you options in a period when Facebook is forced to strip some categories from its targeting criteria.

FALL IN LOVE WITH UX, NOT YOUR EX: UX will never steer you wrong, leave you for someone else, or lie to you. Here’s how you can use UX to increase your conversion rate this year and improve your love life. Imagine going to a site with a specific objective – let’s say it’s learning more about financing graduate school – and then the site takes a long time to load, there’s no search functionality, and the navigation isn’t that clear… You’d leave. Now, go look at your site with a specific objective, notice anything?

Why you should care: User experience should be one of your top priorities. No matter how good your school, content, videos, or really anything is, if the experience people have on your site is poor, they will certainly be off-put and not want to return. UX isn’t something “just anyone” can do, your university needs a skilled designer who understands the field and how prospective students navigate a website. Don’t skimp on this, you’ll end up paying more in the long run.

WERE YOU ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES?: Could you create video ads on LinkedIn? Maybe you didn’t even know that was possible, but creating video ads on LinkedIn is now available to anyone, not just those lucky few who were selected back in October when they decided to test this format. Maybe the Facebook update freaked you out a bit – despite our reassurance – so you want to give LinkedIn a try, or just focus more of your efforts on the platform. Video is great, if the video is great.

Why you should care: We’re sure you’re sick of hearing about how dominant video is, but the fact is it’s not just video – it’s video that is done well and tells a story/informs viewers. If you aren’t going to put time and thought into the production of each video, you’re going to do more harm than good. Want to get started with some explainer videos? Check out HubSpot’s blog post highlighting some of the best explainer videos in a variety of industries.

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