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15 Blog Post Ideas for Your Nonprofit

Posted By Abigail Justen on 4/3/15 11:30 AM


By now, you may have heard about the importance of blogging for nonprofits. Blogs are a great way to stay connected with your donors, keep readers updated on what your organization is doing, and attract new, interested visitors to your website.

As excited as you may be about your organization’s blog, everyone can suffer from writer’s block. Next time you’re stuck, consider writing about one of the following 15 topics:

1. Interview a volunteer

  • Ask them about their experience working with your organization (specific anecdotes are great!)

  • Encourage them to share how they have grown or changed as a result of their volunteering

2. Share a success story

  • Talk to someone whom your organization has helped

  • Ask them about their life before and after their interaction with your organization

3. Tell the story of your founding

  • If possible, interview your founders and find out their thoughts on the start of your organization

  • Share the stories that surround your beginnings

  • Answer the question: Why were your founders passionate about this work?

4. Make a picture slideshow

  • Take pictures of your next volunteer event or mission trip that show the work you are doing

  • Add quotes and captions to the picture to give names and context

5. Explain your mission

  • Break down your mission statement into a few main ideas

  • Share testimonials or give examples that relate to each point

6. Recap an event

  • Write up highlights from an event

  • Share pictures

  • Help readers feel connected even if they were not able to make it

7. Feature a staff member

  • Give a shout out to one of your employees (especially behind-the-scenes workers!)

  • Give some background on who they are and why they’re passionate about your mission

  • Highlight their responsibilities and why what they do is important

8. Share a recent study or other research

  • Find articles relevant to your field

  • Show how it relates to your organization

  • Update readers on the research being done in your field

9. Feature a completed project

  • Show before and after pictures

  • Write about the process of completing the project

  • End with a message of hope

10. Share your goals for the future

  • Tell readers where you want to take your organization

  • Talk about ways they can get involved

11. Make a video about the day in the life of your employees

  • Film your employees working

  • Show the personality of your office

  • Combine candid and staged clips to make your donors feel connected

12. Ask a guest blogger to write about their experience with your organization

  • Ask a donor to share why they chose your organization and the good they saw come from their donation

  • Ask a volunteer to share about their stories from an event

  • Ask an employee to share their experience of working for your organization

13. Share resources and tips

  • Share information about how people can become more informed about your organization

  • Give tips on how to do something that relates to your organization’s mission

14. Write a Q & A post

  • Go through your emails and compile questions that people have about your mission or organization

  • Create a question-and-answer post using these questions

15. Recognize and thank a few of your donors and activists

  • Write about and thank some of your donors and activists who have given a lot of their time and resources to your organization.

  • Choose constituents from various walks of life to show readers that there is a place for everyone to participate in your mission—regardless of what state in life they might be in.

We hope that these blog topic ideas were helpful for you and your team! What ideas did we miss? Tweet at @DirectDevelop or share in the comment section below!

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