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Putting Money Where Your "Like" is - Understanding Facebook's New "Donate Now" Button

Posted By Erin Russell on 10/9/15 1:47 PM

Facebook’s super-strength ability to take a cause and make it fly around the world just got another jolt of power by offering a “Donate Now” button to nonprofit websites.

The “Donate Now” can be added to a nonprofit’s page or ad at any time without any cost.  It can also be added beside the “Like” button at the bottom right corner of the Cover Photo.  Clicking on the Donate button will take the potential donor directly to the nonprofit’s website.

The potential for this little button is exciting but watch out for a few pitfalls in order to use it wisely.

Here are 5 things that you need to know about Facebook’s new Donate Now Button:

1) Continue to Focus on Building Relationships.  

Don’t forget that the main success in using Facebook lies in developing a relationship with your donors.  Continue adding rich content that makes them excited about your cause.  Pushing the button to donate should be their reaction to a message that connects with what they are passionate about.

2) Draw Appropriate Attention to the Button.

Since people aren’t accustomed to the new “Donate” button, make sure that you do something in your visual image and/or text that makes them aware of this new feature.  Find a way to assure them that they will be routed to your own secure website.

3) Don’t chase two rabbits.  

There’s an old phrase:  “The fox that chases two rabbits gets none.”  Make sure that you take time to target your campaigns to people who will actually have an interest in your cause and donate.  Just as your mom warned you not to Friend strangers, aim your content at people who really care about you.

4) Show them the Magic Ball.  

Let your  donors know what their donations are doing for your program.  Let them know that pushing that button has a real and immediate response.  Show them how their money is working for the cause.

5) Want Video Views?  

If your objective is to increase video views with your donate button, remember to create your ad in Power Editor in order to add a Call-To-Action or Donate button to your video.

Does this mean all those cute kitten pictures will have donate buttons under them?

We hope not.  

Make sure this donate button is connected to content that reflects your purpose and mission. Think of it as turning the “thumbs” up into a helping hand for your nonprofit.

Want to know how to add this Call to Action/Donate button to your Facebook page?  Just click HERE.

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