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Social Media for The Little Guy: A Social Media Guide for Small-to-Medium Sized Non-Profits

Posted By Zach Busekrus on 9/16/14, 11:52 AM

Let me read your mind for a second. After reading the title of this blog post you're thinking to yourself, “Here we go again. Another article on the importance of social media in the non-profit world and why every non-profit that is not on the social media bandwagon is missing out on key opportunities to connect with its constituents.”

Was I correct? Was I at least close?!

It's not that you blatantly disagree with the above statement. You most likely DO agree with it but find it frustrating and annoying because you feel helpless when it comes to this "social-media revolution". You're a small- or medium-sized non-profit, and at the end of the day you simply don't have the budget or the time it takes to effectively execute a social-media strategy. You know social media is important, but where do you get started and how do you even begin developing such a strategy? 

We all know that social media isn't going away, but to be perfectly candid, you simply don't have the resources that it takes to do social media well, so you end up not really doing it at all (your Facebook page and Twitter profile still exist of course, but no one has posted anything in several months). Social media strategies are really only for the big NPOs like Wounded Warrior and the Humane Society that can afford a social media strategist anyways, right?

Developing social media strategies as a small non-profit organization can take a lot of time and a lot of work, and I'd be lying to you if I said it was easy. As an agency that works with non-profits to develop these strategies, we know how difficult it can be. But what if it were easier than you thought? What if there were a step-by-step guide that was purely focused on helping an organization similar to yours create and carry out a lasting social media strategy?

Well, get excited, because rather than write a full-fledged blog post this week on social media best practices for non-profits, we thought we would give you something even better:


Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and welcome the solution to your social media headaches! Meet our latest guide: Social Media for the Little Guy: A Guide to Developing Social Media Strategies for Small-to-Medium Sized Non-Profits - a downloadable eBook that is tailored to help small-to-medium sized non-profit organizations get started with developing a social-media strategy that actually works! 

Click the button below to access our newest guide. Remember, your headaches surrounding social media could start to go away today ;).


 Download eBook


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