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The New Rules for Marketing & Recruitment in Graduate Enrollment Management

Tony Fraga

Building an effective marketing and recruitment plan is still a crucial part of graduate enrollment management, but many of the rules have changed in today’s digital-first, virtual-is-normal reality. Last year’s tactics won’t work like they used to, so where do you begin?

We recently hosted a webinar, "The New Rules for Marketing and Recruitment in GEM" that uncovers the seven new rules for graduate enrollment marketing and recruitment, gleaned from recent successes from post-pandemic pivots. It also includes a recap of data-based insights from trends that are happening across the GEM industry right now.

To dig into the enrollment marketing data that fueled the insights for the  webinar, access our 2021 Deep Dive digital guide.

Co-hosted with Fran Reed (VP of Enrollment and Marketing at Neumann University), we share our insights from over 33 years of combined experience leading and executing marketing and recruitment strategies, with a special emphasis on the new rules and trends we think a here to stay for enrollment marketing.

Watch the recorded webinar and learn:

  • The 7 New Rules for marketing to and recruiting graduate students

  • The Latest Trends since the start of the pandemic that will impact your enrollment marketing communications plan

  • How your school stacks up against the Industry Benchmarks for various enrollment marketing tactics (email, content, digital ads, lead gen, etc.)

Plus, discover practical ideas for digital marketing and recruitment tactics and gain a deeper understanding of how to compare your current results against newly updated GEM industry standards that account for the recent critical changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch now and then download the slide deck and share takeaways with your colleagues👇

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Pro tip: In the webinar, Tony highlighted the Enrollment Marketing Diagnostics Checklist — download the template here and track your existing benchmarks (so you can beat them later!).

Find Out the Freshest Industry Benchmarks

Download our free guide, DD’s Deep Dive: 2020 Enrollment Marketing Benchmarks Report to learn:

  • Fresh benchmark data for event marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, and content marketing
  • New behaviors of prospective grad students as they research and journey through the applicant funnel from initial interest to application completion
  • Specific insights on which tactics are the most effective in engaging and converting prospects at all stages


Access the Report

Topics: Enrollment Marketing, Student Recruitment

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