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How to Create and Use Student Personas in Your Marketing

"Great marketing allows audiences to have a...

Melanie Trice

The Strategies Behind the Best College Websites

As a typical first entry point for prospective...

Tatiana Quiroga

HubSpot vs. Slate: Higher Education CRM Comparison

HubSpot and Slate are two heavy hitters in higher...

Matthew Fall

Adjusting Enrollment Marketing Strategies in Light of FAFSA Hurdles

In higher education enrollment, unexpected...

Kirby Wilson

Video Marketing Strategies for Student Recruitment

It’s no surprise that the rate at which people...

Casey Handzlik

How to Build a Strategic Enrollment Marketing Plan

The hardest part about building a strategic...

Tony Fraga

Three Common Traits of Effective Event Marketing Campaigns

As a higher ed professional, I don’t even want to...

Jamie Gleason

How to Choose the Best CRM for Higher Education

For most higher ed institutions, managing student...

Kirby Wilson

HubSpot for Higher Education

In the fast-paced world of higher ed, staying...

Matthew Fall

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